Logan Davex Passenger Lifts are designed for the transportation of people with good enough speeds. This design is essential especially when you have a building with large number of floors and have more wieght/people. Logan Davex Passenger lifts are designed in such a way that they easily overcome issues presented by high rise buildings and/or applications where the use will be heavy or sustained (shopping malls, hospitals etc).

We always have safety considerations and convenience in mind when we build our products and as such we have deep enough pit for engineers to crouch in and a good enough headroom for engineers to work easily and safely on top the lift car. We sometimes have a separate plant/machine room but this depends on the model.


Our sightseeing elevator is a moving work of art, and perfectly combines traveling comfort and visual beauty. Not only is it applicable to large store, shopping mall, exhibition hall, hotel and restaurant, but also it will add a color to office building.  The passengers can see the flowing scenes outside the building. It explores the visual space, offers the more comfortable psychological pleasure to the passengers. It adds the building aesthetics. It is a flowing sight line in modem city. If building is condenesd music, the Logan Davex sightseeing elevator is jumping musical not in the construction. Logan Davex sightseeing elevator series grants the passengers to enjoy extraordinary luxury and dignity through the diverse car style, elegant and attractive car decoration.

With quiet and smooth operation mode, soft and flexible touch buttons, as well as clean and fresh car walls, Logan Davex elevator will enable you to have a unique experience.

With fully transparent walls, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery all the way up and down, explore new urban landscape, look down at streams of people busily coming and going, and look up at the sky scattered with stars, enabling you to appreciate the modern urban style.


Neatly installed elevators that fit perfectly into your homes that consume low power and run efficiently. Logan Davex offers quality service and products for all your elevator needs, regardless of brand or manufacturer. We ensure your elevators meet all governing safety codes as well as run smoothly with less noise and disturbance. Our elevators are suitable for large supermarkets, retail, airport terminals and many more.

We have the latest Fuju elevator diversified designs. We design and install diverse kinds of elevators like hospital elevators, home elevators, panoramic elevators and lots more.


Logan Davex series of Bed Elevator, with full consideration of the specific environment of hospitals, and the worldwide cutting-edge modularized computer control technology, have formed a highly integrated VVVF serial communication control system, which provides smooth starting, braking and running, and more comfortable feeling for patients. Multiple safety property design can effectively reduce the probability of accidents, and guarantee the safety of patients with movement difficulties.

In the hospital, modem medical treatment center, sanatorium, health center etc. where the doctors and nurses heal the wounded and rescue the dying, hospital elevator races with the time. Logan Davex Hospital Elevator series adheres to the persistently humane thinking. It applies fuzzy logic and group supervision tech of expert system. It fulfills intellectual elevator running. It shortens the patients’s waiting time to the greatest extent.

Perfect Operation, Composed and Steady

In order to cope with sudden stoppage caused by elevator malfunction, automatic emergency rescue system is adopted, so as to ensure the safe evacuation of patients and medical staff, and avoid delaying treatment time.

Unique Design, Attentive Care

Combined with doctors and patients’ experiences of riding an elevator, the elevator car is equipped with big armrests, braille buttons and other devices that can help patients to go in and out of the elevator. Meanwhile, it provides a variety of ways to open the elevator door, and can meet hospitals’ different architectural requirements.

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Logan Davex is the leading elevator and escalator company in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. We are committed to quality and excellence and this shows in our approach in meeting the needs of our clients.

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